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History of the company

With a workforce of some 150 employees, STRABAG Real Estate ranks today as one of the leading project development companies in Germany and Europe. Since being founded, the firm has completed more than 450 projects.

1965 SF-BAU GmbH is founded as a subsidiary of STRABAG BAU-AG, Cologne
1969 The first branch office of SF-BAU opens for business in Munich
1977 SF-BAU is awarded its first foreign contract
1993 STRABAG BAU-AG changes the name of the company to STRABAG AG
1997 BIBAG Bauindustrie Beteiligungs AG, already the majority shareholder in BAUHOLDING AG, takes the majority stake in STRABAG AG, Cologne
2000 SF-BAU GmbH changes its name to STRABAG Projektentwicklung GmbH (SPE) under the umbrella brand strategy of the STRABAG Group
2001 BAUHOLDING STRABAG AG becomes the main shareholder and parent company of STRABAG AG, Cologne
2004 BAUHOLDING STRABAG AG changes its name to STRABAG SE
2005 STRABAG SE becomes the majority shareholder in Ed. Züblin AG
2006 Incorporation of the STRABAG and Züblin project development companies in the new firm Züblin Development GmbH
2008 Züblin Development GmbH changes its name to STRABAG Real Estate GmbH
2014 With the ASTORIA building, STRABAG Real Estate kicks off its first project development venture in Poland
2016 STRABAG takes over the Austrian project development company Raiffeisen evolution
2017 Raiffeisen evolution changes its name to STRABAG Real Estate GmbH