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Klitschgasse 7, condos in 1130 Vienna

At Klitschgasse in Hietzing, very close to the Hermesvilla palace, STRABAG Real Estate has teamed up with KIBB Immobilien GmbH to build freehold apartments offering superior levels of comfort to residents. A small number are still available for purchase directly from the developer free of commission.

Provisionsfreie Neubauwohnungen in 1130 Wien
Eintumswohnungen vom Bauträger 1130 Wien


Consisting of 84 residential units, these freehold dwellings between 66 -166 square metres in size are of interest to investors either as their own home or as a buy-to-let property. Here purchasers will find exactly what they need thanks to the different types of units. While the Comfort Apartments are perfect for single persons, couples or senior citizens, the Garden Residences are designed for families, and the generously dimensioned Rooftop Apartments for people who like plenty of room in the home. The apartments, of course, all have outdoor space of their own, either in the form of a garden, balcony or roof terrace.


As a developer, we always adhere to our concepts for sustainable and modern homes when handling residential projects. We plan and build for people who wish to realise their dream of a better tomorrow. All apartments have not only been designed to be barrier-free from the start, but they are also equipped with futureproof technology. And when it comes to energy and ecology, we invariably maintain the highest standards for our housing projects. This property in Klitschgasse will thus also be built to the low energy standard to save costs and protect the environment. Even before the start of construction, the positive energy originating from this plot of land was additionally activated by experts in vital energy at critical points of the site.


The location to the south of Hietzinger Cottage in Vienna's 13th district ensures residents benefit from the excellent infrastructure in every regard. Wohnpark Hietzing is not only close to schools and nurseries, but also to specialist doctors, local facilities and shops offering a wide variety of services, which are high-end in many cases. Gastronomic delights of every level abound, ranging from award-winning restaurants to rustic wine taverns. Parks, avenues and forests can all be found in the vicinity, offering the perfect location for leisure and sporting activities. Tramlines 60 and 62 quickly take passengers to junctions such as Hietzing (U4), Hetzendorf (S-Bahn), and Meidling (U6, Austrian Railways, S-Bahn). If you prefer to drive, it takes next to no time to reach the A23, the S1 to the airport, or the A1 west and A2 south motorways – full mobility in any direction.


The apartments have all been completed in their entirety and are ready for immediate occupancy by the purchaser. Our project website contains further information on this property, e.g. the Comfort Apartments still available, purchase prices, etc. Project website.

We would be pleased to send you a detailed description of the building and amenities of this project on request.

HWBRef,SK 23.41 bis 35.65 kWh/m²a, fGEE 0.63-0.78