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Manhattan Apartment House, Bratislava

The 87-metre high building boasts 26 floors with 161 apartments ranging between one and four rooms. The three basement floors offer space for 195 vehicles, and there are additional parking facilities on paved areas outside near the building.

Manhattan Apartment House - Neubau Wohnungen Bratislava
Manhattan Apartment House - Eigentumswohnungen Bratislava
Manhattan Apartment House - Provisionsfreie Wohnungen Bratislava
Manhattan Apartment House - Neubauwohnungen vom Bauträger Bratislava

The Manhattan Apartment House is located at Račianska 69 / B in Bratislava's Nové Mesto quarter, i.e. in the 3rd district. The unique architecture and striking terracotta facade of this modern apartment complex make this property a key landmark in the landscape of Bratislava.

Project data
  • Net useful floor space, residential: 14,434 m²
  • Number of apartments: 161
  • Net useful floor space, commercial: 494 m²
  • Number of business premises: 3
  • Number of parking spaces: 195
  • Construction period: 2007-2010