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WOHN-BASE© means "living tomorrow" today

STRABAG Real Estate pursues the goal of helping as many people as possible to fulfil the dream of their own home. STRABAG Real Estate offers its planning and construction services to people whose needs are continually changing. At the start of the third millennium, new technologies are giving rise to novel structures for life, labour and leisure that are also making themselves felt in the design of modern living spaces. 

A new concept has been developed in cooperation with futurologist Dr. Daniel Maerki from "Das Fernlicht", an idea that is geared to the future needs of people.

Greater social networking.

In an increasingly globalised and technological society, it is becoming ever more important for each person to have somewhere they can retreat to. To relax, switch off, find new energy. Somewhere so they can discover their true selves again. But still, be connected to the outside world at the touch of a button. STRABAG Real Estate responds to this need with its WOHN-BASE© concept. This concept revolves around the idea of community living. Actively communicating with others cultivates a natural understanding of dealing with one's neighbours.

Greater flexibility.

Turn your home into your workplace - or your workplace into your home. The concept of flexible usage for each residential unit was an essential requirement during the planning stage, so making it simple to incorporate one or more PC workstations, a multimedia corner, or a child's bedroom with a connection for a baby monitor and/or webcam.

More time for yourself.

If you work from home, you can organise your time more freely and also be your boss in many regards. Teleworking models are becoming increasingly crucial in specific sectors – the experts all agree about this. The IT infrastructure of WOHN-BASE© often immediately supplies the answer to difficulties involving home office technology that baffle teleworkers, so enabling the crossover between working and living.

Idea | 6 key points

The WOHN-BASE© concept of STRABAG Real Estate is founded on the following key points:

  • Safety/security
  • Comfort
  • Communication
  • Homeworking
  • Entertainment
  • Cost-cutting

Trendsetting technologies have been implemented in all six areas. It goes without saying that WOHN-BASE© buildings do not fall short of the high-quality standards applied by STRABAG Real Estate.

A shared Intranet portal simplifies communications within each complex. The option of readily communicating with neighbours free of charge enhances the quality of life for residents and leads them to identify strongly with the community of their building. It also makes planning the usage of the different communal facilities a child's play.

In a fast-paced world of ever-increasing complexity, there is a growing need for shelter and security. The WOHN-BASE© concept caters to this situation. Projects include systems to enhance safety and security in the home.



EVENT-/OFFICE-BASE is a large recreation room that can be booked and used by the owners of apartments for different functions or as a home office. Children's parties and birthday celebrations can be organised here, as well as community meetings, slide shows, sales presentations, cosmetic demo parties, etc.

This room is available for communal use and can be reserved by all property owners via the WOHN-BASE© Internet portal. A multimedia connection and wall-mounted telephone are also installed here. Besides the sanitary facilities, there is a fitted kitchen with tables and chairs. Reservation and access are via the WOHN-BASE© Internet portal.


WELLNESS-BASE has been created in response to today's demand for fitness, both physical and mental. Here you can enjoy a workout or relax in the sauna without having to take out expensive gym membership – no need to use your car or public transport either, doing away with all the stress involved in travelling.

Sauna/infrared cabin:
The private sauna and infrared cabin in the building have room for several persons, and few people can resist relaxing in the adjacent rest area. To access the sauna complex, book online via the WOHN-BASE© Internet portal. An automated system handles the payment.

Fitness room:
The gym is the place to strengthen your cardiovascular system and build up muscles. Use is on a drop-in basis here – turn up.


The option of communicating efficiently with neighbours – above all, free of charge –enhances the quality of life for residents and leads them to identify strongly with the community of their block.

Extensive digital networking of the entire building aims to make life significantly easier for occupants in many regards. For example, a particular interface in the in-house Internet portal offers the following:

  • Operating and maintenance instructions for the individual apartments
  • Online information for residents about the neighbourhood
  • Discussion forums
  • Direct contact with the property management company
  • Convenient billing/overview of all services used in the building


SHOP-BASE is one of the most innovative elements of the WOHN-BASE© concept. If you are expecting post, a parcel or other delivery, service providers and local vendors can drop items off here at any time of the day or night. Registered suppliers are given access to the relevant part of the building for this purpose.


The guest lounge is designed as private accommodation for visitors and can be likewise used by all residents.