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HUMAN-BASE© stands for barrier-free living


Modern homes of today adapt to the future needs of their occupants. HUMAN-BASE© apartments ensure long-term mobility and flexibility in daily life, safety and security in all situations, and comfort thanks to practical room planning, so resulting in a high quality of life in the home!

There is a growing need for life-long mobility and independence in our everyday world. STRABAG Real Estate is responding to this requirement with its HUMAN-BASE© concept, which revolves around the idea of barrier-free living over the generations.

STRABAG Real Estate developed the innovative HUMAN-BASE© concept in consultation with the Red Cross, the Department for Barrier-Free Building of the Urban Development Office of Graz and MAIN_Medienarbeit Integrativ.

With project development, STRABAG Real Estate has already thought of tomorrow, as no-one is immune from being affected by physical disabilities sometime in their life. An accident or illness can also strike young people unexpectedly. The wish to remain within one's own four walls for as long as possible is becoming ever greater, but there is a shortage of homes capable of fulfilling needs that change over a lifetime.

HUMAN-BASE© unites modern, barrier-free living in the world of today with maximum flexibility for both young and old.

Idea / Philosophy

During concept development and planning, special attention was paid to ensuring quality of life, mobility and comfort, regardless of age or physical condition. Residents should be able to use homes designed according to HUMAN-BASE© without outside help or restrictions. This level of mobility is apparent as soon as you enter a HUMAN-BASE© apartment:

  • Main entrance door opening automatically in some cases
  • Two-senses principle when someone rings the doorbell, with intercom system and door opener – audible and (possibly) visual
  • Lift with indication of floors using the two-senses principle
  • Signage, e.g. labelling of floors, large size, in contrasting shades to make signs immediately visible
  • Car parking spaces for the disabled


Safety and security in all situations
Safety first is the top priority in HUMAN-BASE© homes. We are for example using non-slip flooring for the bathrooms and kitchens of the apartments and the communal areas of the building. The lighting in such areas, e.g. corridors, stairwells etc., is controlled by motion detectors, so enhancing the feeling of security.

Comfort thanks to needs-based room planning
When planning the layout of rooms, HUMAN-BASE© once again already considers comfort and possible needs in coming years. The radius of movement around the entrance doors to apartments and kitchens/bathrooms is generously dimensioned, so making the everyday life of occupants significantly easier. Entrance doors only have a single-sided door sill, and all communicating doors and lobbies are of ample size. All doorways inside the apartments feature a stepless design.

Experiencing the space outside
When applying the HUMAN-BASE© concept to its planning, STRABAG Real Estate also ensures that the open areas around each building look attractive and do not include steps. Grass pavers are deliberately omitted when designing outside installations to avoid any artificial barriers to movement. Whether steering a pram or a wheelchair, each residential building is always easy to access.