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ECO-BASE© is energy efficiency put into practice


Saving energy – so sparing the environment and cutting costs – is the hot topic of the century. But we also want maximum comfort at the same time. The goal of reconciling these two requirements without making compromises has prompted STRABAG Real Estate to design buildings that can live up to such demands. This objective also focuses on the sustainable appreciation of the property, ensured with the help of energy-saving concepts. When designing low-energy buildings, consideration has to be given to several different aspects.


Energy consumption
A low-energy building is characterised by an energy standard whose thermal heat demand lies well below that of an ordinary new build, which is in the order of 80 - 120 kWh/m²a. Depending on the form of the structure and type of ventilation in question, this value generally ranges between 24 and 40 kWh/m²a for the properties we build. This specific construction method significantly reduces the energy requirement compared with conventional housing. Apart from a decrease in CO2, it also results in a significant saving in terms of heating costs.

Efficiency classes
The new Guideline 6 issued by the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering (OIB) divides buildings up into efficiency classes using energy ratings. We have resolved to construct buildings to the highest possible energy standard. We are thus not only mindful of the environment here but also keep heating costs low.

Structures and thermal insulation
Low energy values are achieved above all through the use of first-class heat insulation in the external building components, windows and doors, and the selection of high-insulation glazing and frame profiles. A key factor here is to optimise the structure of the building. The mechanical ventilation of rooms is not generally envisaged. Heating is via conventional radiators, for example.